Monday 22 February 2021

Flash Fiction with Us

 Like to write on our little square flash collections? Contact us to organise an online workshop.  

Sunday 21 February 2021

Ways of Seeing


This collection of prose and poetry takes the reader on a journey through many aspects of life and indeed offers you many ways of seeing. It makes the reader take another look.

Ricks Vick’s mantra was, “Let the pen do the writing.” He had a love of people that manifested itself on every level, from the encouragement of a shy, new poet at one of his workshops to his record-breaking seven appearances as a writer at the prestigious Stroud Short Stories.

Sadly Rick died before we finished preparing this collection for publication. He has left us an inspiring legacy.

Sunday 31 January 2021

The Macaroon Chronicles


A romp with quirky anthropomorphic characters, first seen on the CafeLit e-zine.   

The Macaroon Chronicles" is a romp through relationships amongst some anthropomorphic characters. It is one of those quirky books that awakes your sense of humour. Come and follow the fun.

Take a tour of the exotic Isle of Macaroon with Eddie and his zany friends who will be pleased to show you the cheese mines, Meringue Mountains and the Custard River while they flee unscrupulous promoters, bandit badgers and low-flying seagulls. But a word of advice – don’t refer to Eddie as a chicken, he thinks he’s a bald eagle. And don’t mention Brian’s small stature, he’s rather sensitive about his size. Oh, and don’t call Brian a monkey, he’s actually a lemur. And finally, if Gideon takes a pen out of his pocket and you value your life – duck. 

The Macaroon Chronicles,  a CafeLit serial. Quirky good humour.  Fast-paced adventurous writing by Dawn Knox.  

Pick up  your copy today here. 

'This book is a joyous romp through absurdity, where the characters are all animals, the scenery is mostly edible and the events propel the action at breakneck speed.'

'Newly discovered writer from a quirky, independent publisher of quality writing.'

'Join this bunch of strange animals as they have to escape the grips of their new manager, get sued for making clothes out of cheese, deal with a crafty car park attendant/mechanic, and become associated with a real-life spy, and this is just the start of their journey.'

Grab your copy here.