Thursday 12 July 2018

140 x 140 by Gill James

Another of the little square books though this one is slightly thicker.

There are 140 stories, each 140 words long.   
Each story was inspired by the first picture I saw when I opened my Twitter feed on that day. The dates are preserved and give an indication of how long it has taken to produce this and turn it into a book.
These stories are created to be varied, thought-provoking, laughter-producing and tear-jerking. 

This anthology of women's fiction, this collection of very short stories, some might say a flash collection, is thought-provoking and each story is based upon a tweet. Except that each piece is 140 words long and not 140 characters.

They were collected over three years and edited for another nine months.
Gill James writes novels, short stories and flash fiction.

She is published by Butterfly, Continuum, How to, The Professional and Higher Partnership, Tabby Cat and edits for Bridge House, CaféLit,  Chapeltown and The Red Telephone.

She is a part-time lecturer in Creative Writing at Salford University.
You  can get 140 x 140 here.