Monday 22 January 2018

Slimline Tales by Roger Noons

Yet another of our little square books. 

Says Roger of this collection: 

"If you have time to read this volume from cover to cover, that’s fine. But if you’re limited to dipping, moments here and there to read just a few words, then equally, this slim volume is for you. Each piece has been inspired by something I’ve seen, heard or been told about. Much of what you will read is based on reality and wherever I have strayed from that, it has been in order to create a story or achieve an appropriate ending.
 I have greatly enjoyed writing these brief stories and I hope that you will gain an equal amount of pleasure from reading them. Good luck!"

Interested in seeing a film of some of the Tales? Find out more here.  

Roger's full-time career was in the field of Environmental Health during which time his creative pursuit was photography.

A committed member of two writers’ groups, he writes short stories, poems, short plays, sketches, memoirs, reviews, letters to newspapers and magazines and travelogues.  

He has been widely published on line as well as having work included in anthologies.

He tries to write, if only a paragraph or two, every day, believing that regularity in any pursuit leads to advancement.

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Tuesday 16 January 2018

Badlands by Alyson Faye

We are delighted to have released  Badlands by Alyson Faye.

Alyson live in West Yorkshire. her fiction has appeared on line and in several anthologies: Raging Aardvark's, Twisted Tales, Three Drops in the Cauldron, Tubeflash,  alfiedog, eterh books and at the Horror Tree.

She is also the author of the children's books Soldiers in the Mist and The Runaway Umbrella. 

To find out more about Alyson and what she's working on go to her blog.    

Read the intro here:

‘Badlands’ is a collection of flash fiction pieces, from drabbles of 100 words to longer pieces up to 1000 words. Many have been published on line and in anthologies, and short-listed or been placed in competitions. They have all been written during the last three years. The oldest pair being ‘Chestnuts for my Sweet’ and ‘A Guy for the Children’. Both written in the autumn.
Previously in the 1990’s I had two books for children published, fistfuls of poetry for the small press magazines and short stories. However it was on joining a WEA class near Leeds in 2012 that I rediscovered my writing ‘mojo’ and the pleasure of writing micro stories or flash fiction. This was a new term and a new idea for me. I embraced it wholeheartedly and I found that I had a flair for brevity. I liked the way I could play with different genres and envision a whole tale in a nutshell.
My short shorts reflect my interest in ghost stories, history especially the Victorians, old movies, derelict buildings, real life issues such as homelessness and just the ‘what if’ factor of when a seemingly normal situation starts to tilt off centre, dangerously so.

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Porpourri by Anusha VR

We're very pleased to have published and released Potpourri by Anusha VR.

Anusha has been published in over thirty anthologies.  Potpourri is her first collection.

This is an eccentric mix of stories and poems.

You can read more about it here.

Paperback and Kindle version available.