Frequently Asked Questions

Are your books available in bookshops?

Yes they are or can be. 
We don’t normally deal directly with bookshops. Ingram's ( who also operate through Gardners') deal directly with bookshops.  When the bookshop looks up the book via Nielsen’s they will have all the details.
This is for two reasons:
Bookshops never pay on time.  Well one has in our twelve years of trading,  We always have to chase and we don’t have the time.
They rarely return sellable books and this often results in a financial loss for us.
We  offer a 35% discount to wholesalers and retailers. 
However, some bookshops will let you take author copies to a signing.  You then either process payments yourself or allow them to go through the bookshop’s till and you invoice them for books sold. You could split the discount we give with the bookshop. If you choose to do this, with  authors we know well,  we’re happy to supply a few books up front and you pay us after the event. 
Where can we buy your books? 
All good bookshops (though they may have order them)  and all online retailers.  A convenient way is to  visit our own online shop.  


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