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In this collection of women's fiction, 140 stories, each 140 words long, each story was inspired by the first picture I saw when I opened my Twitter feed on that day. The dates are preserved and give an indication of how long it has taken to produce this and turn it into a book.
These stories are created to be varied, thought-provoking, laughter-producing and tear-jerking.

'A dip in and out sort of a book. Short snippets of life in a easy handbag size book. Ideal book to read if you waiting for a bus, plane or on the move.'

'Inspiration for stories can come from a vast array of sources but, in this entertaining book from Gill James, she chose the first picture she saw on her Twitter feed on specific dates. Those dates form part of the stories and, as the title suggests, there are 140 of them, each of 140 words. This is a fantastic achievement.'

'Some tales are laugh out loud funny, others are thoughtful, some you root for the characters, and there are tragic stories too. Whatever your mood, you will find plenty to suit you here. I loved Book Launch especially but then as a writer I should do! Other stories such as Industrial Revolution tug at the heart strings with the powerful impact made by the last line (but no spoilers here!). I also had every sympathy with the viewpoint of the lead character in The Blue Planet and Breakfast Club is a poignant story that you fear cannot end well but... well go on, find out. This is a cracking collection.' 
One of our many Little Square Books.  


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