Monday 6 August 2018

The Best of CafeLit 7 is now out!

We asked readers to vote for their favourite storeis published on the CafeLit web site in 2017.  We awarded five points for number one choices, four for number two and so on. 
The following stories received votes and are listed in the order of which ones received the most votes.
Authors were not allowed to vote for their own stories but we didn't mind if their friends did.
It's quite a tall order, anyway, to ask people to read all the storeis published in oen year but a few did and these are the results.
Next year, for The Best of CaféLit 8, we'll  ask those who appear in this volume to vote.   

Each story in this little volume is the right length and quality for enjoying as you sip the assigned drink in your favourite Creative Café. You need never feel alone again in a café. So what's the mood today? Espresso? Earl Grey tea? Hot chocolate with marshmallows? You'll find most drinks in our drinks index.  

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