Wednesday 23 December 2020

The Basilwade Chronicles as Audio Book




Yes we have this as an audio book now.  There are two ways to get one for free: 

  • order a copy form us and we'll give you a free one in exchange for a review.  
  • subscribe for an Audible trial 
A collection of humorous stories set around the eponymous Basilwade. Every character has their own peculiarity and, despite knowing the author is playing them for laughs, we still recognise them and their foibles. A light hearted book to cheer dark days. 
This is a great collection of tales. I love humorous fiction and The Basilwade Chronicles is a wonderful example of that.  
Hilarious! Like a modern-day Carry On movie, this book is full of laugh-our-loud slapstick humour. You will recognise the cream of parochial middle-England eccentricity here. Meet the ghastly Revd Forbes-Snell and his tipsy housekeeper, his much put-upon sister and his aggressive church council. Get to know clairvoyant Ichabod Bunch (ooh, those eyes!) and be sure to avoid the sadistic Vilya Chekarova from Muscle Bounders gym.
This book will make you cry ... with laughter!

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