Sunday 13 November 2022

Can you help design the cover for the 2023 Lancashire Authors Association Anthology?

 Photographic competition Chapeltown and LAA  

the 2022 cover

We are looking for an image that represents Lancashire so your photo must be taken within the   Lancashire Palatine – see map for details:

The winning photograph will be used on our cover and the winner will receive £50.00.   



1.  Please take your photo as a landscape shot, with the focal point on the right hand half of the picture.
2.  Bear in mind this is to make a book cover. There must be room on the right-hand side for us to print our title and subtitle. The backgrounds on the left hand side, which will form the back cover, must have an area where we can print a blurb.  For instance, an area of pathing, grass or sky.  Look at a few books in your favourite book shop to get an idea. We do find that covers work better if the picture wraps around the whole book.   
3.  Be careful with blue.  If you have large areas of blue, sea or sky for instance, you may have to accept that it may look a little different on the printed book cover.  Bright blues (ultramarine) will be replaced by either cyan, magenta or grey. 


  1. Entries must be received by 23:59 BST on 30 June 2023
  2. Please do not include your name on your photo. Label your file by location and the date the photo was taken e.g. BlackpoolTower230617.
  3. Please provide a copy of your photo as jpg file emailed to  . In the subject line put PhotoCompetition and the name of your file. In the body of the email repeat your photo name and provide contact details – name, phone number and email.    
  4. Photos should be devoid of identifiable people.   
  5. By entering the competition you are agreeing that your photo may be used by Chapeltown and the LAA for the book cover and for promotional activities to do with the book. The copyright remains with you and you may use the photo in any other way you wish.
  6. You are also agreeing to provide a picture with a minimum size of 3600 pixels wide by 2700 pixels high that we can use for printing should you win the competition. 
  7.  Entry to the competition is free of charge.
  8. Entry is open to anyone anywhere as long as the photo is taken within the Lancashire Palatine. 
  9. Entry of the competition is limited to one per person           

Time line

  1.  Entries received by 23.59 BST 30 June 2023
  2. Chapeltown will short-list the entries. All photos that will work without too much manipulation will be short-listed by 7 July 2023.
  3. Members of the LAA will be asked to vote for their favourite photo.  The vote will close on 14 July 2023.
  4.  Should there be a tie, the LAA Committee will vote on the tied entries by 21 July 2023.
  5. If there still is a tie, Chairman Judith Addison will make the casting vote by 25 July 2023 

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