Tuesday 21 July 2020

Reviews of Brightly Coloured Horses

"What a delightful book - beautifully written and so many stories, each one pulling you in to moments in the characters life."

"This beautiful collection of flash fiction demonstrates the author's mastery of the form. Poignant stories of love and loss sit comfortably with humorous tales of adolescent snogging. Huggins has a great ability to capture complex human emotions in a fleeting moment or a tiny detail."

"Each one is beautifully crafted; some made me cry, some made me laugh, but none failed to touch me, and all gave me food for thought. Mandy Huggins makes every word count as she explores a range of characters, cultures and countries.

"A mind blowing collection of flash fiction stories. So many great windows of life in it, I don’t know where to start. Perfect Word - loved it "

"Imagine opening a box of luxury chocolates. There's enough to pick and mix to suit everyone. There's so many choices of times, places and emotions for any mood."


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