Saturday 6 October 2018

What a nice review.

This is a clever collection of short snippets inspired by the first image Gill James saw on Twitter on specific dates. Each story is 140 words long and the collection contains 140 entertaining pieces. The date she saw the image becomes a part of each story.

It’s the ideal collection to take with you on the bus or read before going to bed. There’s a story for every mood. One of my favourites is Blue Planet, which is a reflection on humankind’s inability to respect and look after our world. This story is followed by another favourite – Reading Cat – because it makes you look at your own pets and wonder what they know or are thinking. Procrastination had me laughing, because as a writer, I often sit staring at a blank page.

Gill has covered many genres in this collection. If you’re interested in sci-fi, history, or romance, there’s a story for you. And cat lovers won’t be disappointed because cats feature quite a lot. 

A fun collection!

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