Monday 22 January 2018

Slimline Tales by Roger Noons

Yet another of our little square books. 

Says Roger of this collection: 

"If you have time to read this volume from cover to cover, that’s fine. But if you’re limited to dipping, moments here and there to read just a few words, then equally, this slim volume is for you. Each piece has been inspired by something I’ve seen, heard or been told about. Much of what you will read is based on reality and wherever I have strayed from that, it has been in order to create a story or achieve an appropriate ending.
 I have greatly enjoyed writing these brief stories and I hope that you will gain an equal amount of pleasure from reading them. Good luck!"

Interested in seeing a film of some of the Tales? Find out more here.  

Roger's full-time career was in the field of Environmental Health during which time his creative pursuit was photography.

A committed member of two writers’ groups, he writes short stories, poems, short plays, sketches, memoirs, reviews, letters to newspapers and magazines and travelogues.  

He has been widely published on line as well as having work included in anthologies.

He tries to write, if only a paragraph or two, every day, believing that regularity in any pursuit leads to advancement.

Find out more here.  


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