Friday, 6 January 2017

Author compensation


We offer a profit share royalty. For instance, if a book is sold at £8.00, and the printing and shipping costs  come to £4.00, the author gets £2.00 and the company gets £2.00. There are no costs for e-books though we do not receive the full price you see online.
We have to cover certain costs before we start paying these:
Set-up = £50.00
Yearly £8.40 to have the book distributed worldwide.
Proof copy. 
One copy to British Library.
Five copies to the deposit libraries.
We have to sell roughly 150 copies to do this and we normally manage that within one week.
Note, 50% of profits from CafeLit books go to the Creative Cafe Project. The other 50% are shared among the authors.
Royalties are calculated  1 January - 31 December and paid by the following 31 March. They are paid once they are over £10.00. You're probably not going to get rich quick, but who knows? You can also opt to donate to the Creative Cafe Project.
And there are other things you can do ....

Author discount 

We offer authors a 25%  discount. If you buy five or more copies in one go we waive shipping charges. Royalties are still offered on these purchases. You can use your discount on any Chapeltown book, not just your own. You may sell your book on for any price between what you have paid and the RRP. You can give them away if you like. Please, though, encourage people to write reviews.

Book tour kit

If you can arrange your own book tour, we will provide you with twenty books up front. Shops can put them though their till and we'll invoice the shop. Then we'll top up your supply. Please leave at least ten days between  venues. At the end of the tour, you can buy any remaining books at cost, or wait until you can sell them and buy them at normal author discount. We can if necessary allow this against royalties.

If you are or become a prolific seller, we can offer more books on this arrangement. 

You get one copy of the book free.                     

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